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Have you moved abroad?





After several requests, I have decided to tutor VERE alumni internationally. New pupils are joining too! These are the places I am already covering:


Please find the lovely reference from Benji’s Mum, Fiona (Feltonfleet School) who has moved to Sri Lanka  with her family!

Now working with the IB American and English IGCSE specification internationally.


New slots 

Are you worried about your child’s academic performance during lockdown?

Additional discounted half-hour slots are available in the week.


Parents sessions 

Parents sharing sessions and evening training sessions are starting up for parents after lockdown. If you would like to host an evening with a group of friends - please let me know. 

Lessons commence and some spaces are still available! 

Expanding to an English education internationally.

We a dedicated company and offer tuition with experienced specialised tutors: 

Literacy and Numeracy: Key Stage 1

English and Mathematics: Key Stage 2





Science: Key Stage 3

We specialise in 11+ ISEB and 13+ ISEB Entrance examinations. 

Verbal and non-verbal examination techniques and interview skills.

GCSE: Mathematics, Science, Biology, History and English

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