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Marvelous maths through

rhythm and song!


Summer Term 2024

Monday 15 April - Sunday 7th July

Half Term

25th May - 2 June 2024

Please note that the Christmas Term ends on 18th December 2023 not 22nd December. (please arrange for a pick up 

2-4 January 2024 if required).

Drawing a storyboard


Vere Key Stage 4 Reading List

Empowerment through education.
1:1 tuition or online lessons.

"The artist's job is to be a witness to

his time in history.”

Robert Rauschenberg


Qualified Consultants for homeschooled

children in English, Humanities, and Arts

for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and 3.

Expanding to an English education internationally.

I use drama in education methods and movement.

I started drama class with Michelle in 1997 to 2000 and I can honestly say that her impact in my life has left me a very different person. She completely opened up the performing arts to me and infused me with her passion for expression on the stage.

Michelle was always able to stretch a performer far beyond what they believed possible. Michelle has an incredible gift to see the potential in each performer and extract it in the most creative way. Not only did Michelle equip me with skills in the dramatic arts, but also the inevitable life skills which come from performing on stage with a group of people. Today I have opened my own drama studio and have the incredible privilege of passing on all of the knowledge and skill Michelle gave me when I was younger.

Bernice Radford

Missionary, Owner of Class Act Drama Studio

“Hey, Hey, Hey!” The words echoed down many corridors, in two halls, and off one stage. My first lesson in acting came from the most insightful, interesting and inspiring English teacher, Michelle Clarence.


“Project yourself!” she’d say and boy did  I! A story took place a lifetime ago feels like yesterday.


At age of 16, this incredible woman had me realize my dreams by giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. A gift I will forever be grateful for. Thank you, Michelle, for teaching me about passion, self-expression, and inner confidence.  The short time spent with you was, and forever will be, life-changing. All my respect and love for you.


Sarah Wray

An inspirational British Education: 1:1 online tuition.
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