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The outreach program aims to cross cultural barriers through the means of performing arts programmes whereby children from various backgrounds in South Africa and UK are given opportunities to a performing arts training programme, under the leadership of theatretrain, culminating in an opportunity to perform in London’s West End.

Underprivileged children will be given opportunities to perform on local schools, attend rehearsals and workshops and experience London’s Theatre both back stage, on stage and from an audience’s point of view.

The exchange programme aims to:

  • 1. Educate all individuals.

  • 2. Empower the underprivileged through performing arts, learning journeys and opportunities. 

  • 3. Equip children with communicative skills, an increased sense of self belief, singing, acting, reading, movement and voice skills.

  • 4. Engender team work, collaborative problem solving skills, literacy skills, diction, language and listening skills through reading, listening and performing arts.

  • 5. Raise awareness required for effective teamwork within diverse groups of  individuals and encourage both children and adults from local and boarder communities to contribute towards enabling educational skills sets to be taught across all communities.

  • 6. To create a cohesive, empathetic and empowered group of young learners who are given equal opportunity to perform and work together despite socio, intellectual and

       cultural communicative barriers.

  • 7. To utilise performing arts as an effective educational and communicative medium in order to teach and enable equal learning opportunities for underprivileged children both in the UK and SA.

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