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My Mission Statement

I am a highly driven specialist who has worked across many age groups within state, independent and higher adult education both in the United Kingdom and abroad. My experience and qualifications have equipped me with an exemplarity ability to teach, lead and motivate pupils and staff with whom I work towards a common educational vision, underpinned by a shared value system.

I believe in a holistic education whereby all aspects of the learner’s identity and sense of self should be developed, considered and extended. I believe in learning plans that cater for the individuals as well as the groups as a whole with a mindful approach towards protecting and nurturing children with whom I work. Similarly, I believe that children should learn the broader relevance of skill sets and subject matter at hand by engaging in learning activities with the microcosm of the school platform as well as the broader community and every given opportunity. Hence the school curriculum both cultural, academically and sports should challenge and extend each individual, regardless of ability. Similarly, higher education should provide several opportunities for young adults to engage directly within their communities as part of their learning curves and development of employability skill sets.

My varied teaching methodologies and subject knowledge provides sound structure within a varied learning approach. I would encourage that of given teaching frameworks within each subject enables pupils in my care to sustain and develop skills sets at hand whilst knowledge is enriched and acquired accordingly. In addition to this, content should be varied in order to meet diversities within the classroom. Equal opportunities should be given to each individual in all areas of learning. Hence the school curriculum should be regularly reviewed and revisited in order to cater for the demographics, topical areas of interest and abilities of the pupils at hand. I believe that subject matter taught should be regularly reassessed and altered in order to accommodate the values of the school and educational demands of our ever-changing world. At the heart of my approach to learning is my interest in engendering the child’s sense of confidence and innate desire to learn at a primary school level. Secondary school should develop individual’s needs and interests and moreover armour young minds with confidence, self-acceptance and resilience. I am committed to the safeguarding of children and young adults.

My recent experience as a Health and Social Care lecturer has given me acute knowledge in this subject area.

Content and materials utilised should be relevant and appropriate in order to enable successful, independent learners, effectively preparing our children for their educational journeys ahead. Development of Mathematics and Literacy is a key area of interest given the on going changes in learning assessments and specifications in primary schools. It is my experience that Performing Arts within some schools require further development and implementation. I am directly interested in utilising performing arts as a vital learning tool and vehicle for self discovery and means of making sense of our worlds.

Discipline should be embedded within the shared values of educational groups and institutions

I lead by example and aim to nurture, encourage and develop staff members within my team. I believe in cohesive teamwork whereby learning is reciprocal and shared on a daily basis. Effective communication is necessary amongst staff members and pupils alike. It is my experience that successful communication, enables a shared vision/product to be executed in education. Similarly the school’s successes should be regularly praised and exhibited. Learning that starts in the classroom should extend outside of the classroom whereby pupils and staff members are encourage to research and extend their practice outside of the classroom. I am interested in problem solving and passionate about working within partnerships to develop educational outcomes for the benefit of individuals as well as the community as a whole. My experience leading various faculties has equipped me with insight into managing expectations and people in order to achieve better outcomes and end results.

My working disposition is focussed and friendly, constantly striving for better. I work with passion and determination. I am interested in finding new pathways to engender more equality in education both locally and nationally.

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