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A message from Russia!

Hi Michelle,

I was planning to write you long time ago. I want to say thank you for helping Ali to overcome his writers block. I will attach his beautiful poem , that he wrote last year.

Also he received letter from Her Majesty , in response to the Letter that you encourage Ali to write. He feels so proud .

Also now the news from our school:

Dear Parents,

Your child, Ali Nariman, has been identified as a potential candidate for AAS’s Gifted/Talented Program. This program is currently in development in the Elementary School. As the Elementary division moves through the Gifted/Talented identification process, we do encourage, believe in, and value parent input into this process..

So Michelle thank very much for tutoring Ali. We have been very lucky that we found you and Vere in our and especially Ali's life!

Here is Ali's poem from last year.

The Tiny Teacher

There was a Tiny Teacher,

Who owned a Tiny School,





Would go her alarm clock,

Each day at noon,

The school was open,

From noon to moon,

The school was really interesting,

But sometimes really cruel,

Then at moon,

She would watch a cartoon,

She would ask Jerome,

To take her back home.

By Ali Nariman

Freezing Minus One

Feel the crispy, fluffy snow under your fingertips,

Hear the siren

Of an ambulance,

Which was as loud as an aeroplane landing,

Taking someone out of hospital,

So they

Can play




Smell the fresh,



But don’t forget

Your snow gear,

It’s freezing minus one.

By Ali Nariman

He wrote this when he was 9 years old.

Thank you Michelle,

With lots of love.


Oksana, Ali and the Co.

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