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Numbers come to life with timeless popular games!

Our late brother Grant was always good at Monopoly. I always remembered him beating us all and collecting all the hotels, laughing all the way to the bank! We never had digital games, computers and phones. We played for hours, his diligent business acumen started with traditional games we grew up with. On hot sunny days, we made mud pies and stacked them on tomato boxes. My love for clay, ceramics started then which I continue excel at. When I could not sleep, my dad said "do a drawing". I honestly believe my fine art qualification started at a very young age.

My dad put a black board in our doll house and we played with our dolls and "school - school" for hours. Michelle always insisted on being the teacher, so I gave her her way. She followed her path and continues to teach making a difference in so many children's lives.

So parents, please shut down the computers, have a golden hour for "no-phones" every day.

Let your children play!



Kai Vere Clarence

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