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Online lessons resume on Monday 30/3/2020

Online lessons resume on Monday 30/3/2020 through to the end of the summer term on 12th July 2020. Should schools open during this time 1:1 lessons will continue to run as usual. In order to ease disruption, we will not be taking a break over the Easter period.

Online addresses for zoom/Skype/FaceTime will be confirmed by 29/3/2020. Please note that there may be a 5-10 minute delay between lessons should connection prove difficult at any given point.

Lessons will take place at their regular times.

Additional half hour lessons are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12pm-3pm for tutees and their siblings. Requests should be made at the beginning of each week. Family/ sibling group and 1:1 30 minute lessons are available at £12/ half hour. Should you wish to book lessons for the summer term for siblings, please let me know as slots will be taken up on a first come first served basis.

Additionally, siblings of tutees/ alumni will be offered a weekly ‘work set’ and ‘work marked ‘ service free of charge subject to signing up for one 1:1 30minute lesson per week. Work will be set out on the bench and should be collected accordingly. These are charged at £12/ lesson. Should parents require advice/assistance suggested websites and input, as always this is offered at no charge.

Please note that regular 1:1 45minute/ 60minute lessons will be charged at their termly rate as per fees usually charged. (

Additional 30 minute reduced lessons are available at a reduced rate during the time that schools are closed. This is in place to reduce the enormous pressure placed on children and their families during this time.



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