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Michelle's true skill as a teacher

Rowan School and City of London Freemans Parent 2021

To whom it may concern, Michelle Clarence has taught both my children for well over a year. They both find her to be kind, patient and inspirational. My oldest (13) was taught English, Maths, VR, Non-VR and Michelle helped her prepare her monologue for a drama scholarship. She succeeded in getting a place in highly selective setting which was her first choice. She has been so happy there, academically and emotionally comfortable, which Michelle had predicted she would. My youngest is now preparing for 11 plus and is being taught English, Maths, VR and Non-VR. She has been asked to prepare a portfolio in readiness for a potential Art Scholarship so we will also ask Michelle to have a look at it once it is ready as we trust her eye for this as well.

The girls always come back from her lessons enthused and motivated; keen to do the work she has set. Michelle's true skill as a teacher is that she picks up where the gaps are and immediately sets about closing those injecting fun into the process without undue pressure. What really sets her apart is that understands how the children's minds work and they warm to her quickly. We highly recommend her and think she will be an amazing addition to any pedagogic setting. Please feel free to message me should you wish to discuss anything further. Kind Regards Bridget


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